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Let's go inside some of the industry's greatest closets off the runway and off camera.  Everything on this site is handpainted by the author. Follow me on Instagram @theclosetinterview and @annthaden.

Copy of 1377

Copy of 1377

Today I’m meeting the design team behind 1377 Ivan Ershov and Sasha Zhurina at lovely Italian restaurant “Napoli” in Volzhskiy next to Volgograd city. 1377 recently debuted at Fashion Week in Tblisi with an incredibly poetic Fall/Winter Menswear collection.  From exquisitely tailored trousers to statement oversize coats, 1377 is the perfect answer to the winter wardrobe for urban samurais! Here you can see the lookbook www.thirteenseventyseven.red.  Follow them @thirteenseventyseven.

Hello, It’s Ann.  It’s great to see you.  Can I interview your closet?  Let’s do it!


What was your favorite part about showing your collection in Tblisi?  Did you have any time to explore the city?
Ivan: For me the favorite part was when my wife went down the catwalk collecting the flowers and me saluting the crowd together with my sleeping baby boy.  Having family by my side was the key!  Tbilisi is love. We will be back.

Sasha: I fell in love with the city from the moment an officer stamped my passport and welcomed me with the warmest smile! Tbilisi is a treasure: ancient, yet modern, old city with its’ charming slum streets and the cutest cafes with delicious food and wine! My husband and I walked everywhere exploring the city. Architecture, people, cuisine, weather just breaths authenticity and brings tears to my eyes.  It was my first own show and second fashion show that I have ever been to! I enjoyed every moment of it. I would definitely highlight the boys! Our male models were the perfect combination of manhood and style. 

The former Ministry of Transportation Building in Tblisi.

The former Ministry of Transportation Building in Tblisi.

The models on your runway were gracefully styled holding simple white bouquets and without shoes! What is the story behind this styling decision?  Sasha: The music explains it all. The track is a remix of original song by Anna German - Have faded long ago chrysanthemums in the garden. So you see why boys had flowers in their hands. Barefoot decision goes back to manhood, it’s raw and sexy. 


I noticed that the show closed with a woman.  Do you consider your collection gender fluid?  Sasha: Absolutely. 

At the conclusion of your show you made a bow with a baby! How do you manage your work/life balance as a parent? Has your child inspired your creative process? 
Work is life and life is work, i don’t divide it. For me it’s all one as it is for my wife Margo. And it happens that 1377 and our little baby boy were actually “conceived” around the same time.

Balenciaga Jeans available  here .

Balenciaga Jeans available here.

Do you prefer television or movies? Which if any movies or shows has inspired your style?
Sasha: For this collection it was “Taboo”  TV show with Tom Hardy and his coat. Tom Hardy is a big inspiration himself. His Looks, personality, acting it’s all good…. 

What did you wear the last time you went out?
 I wore T-shirt by Gosha Rubchinski, trousers 1377, sneakers  Comme des Garcons for Nike ( from Dover street market) , shearling coat by Walter Van Beirendonck (men’s).



Where did you go and what did you do?
It was “Motive Sound” party in Volgograd. 

Central Station in Volograd.

Central Station in Volograd.

What song keeps showing up the most on your playlist?
Ivan: russian artist Zemfira - Romashki. 
Sasha: I can listen on repeat Nicolas Jaar and his El Bandido. 


If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
Sasha: Ibiza and soon enough i will call it my home. I always go there, the place is powerful and inspiring. simply beautiful.  
Ivan: it will have to be India. I just love their masala tea! 


What is something one of your friends has in their closet that you want to borrow and never return?  
Sasha: Whoever owns something from Yves Saint Laurent “Russian Season’ collection, call me up! 

Who would star as you in a movie about your life and most importantly, what would they wear?
Ivan: young Alain Delon wearing kimono.
Sasha: actress Helena Bonham Carter wearing white shirt and black trousers. 


Alain Delon

Alain Delon

Fill in the blanks regarding your closet!

Sasha: I should throw away this I can easily get rid of all my closet but I could never part with my ring with blue topaz, a present from my  husband! 

Sasha: I spent too much money on travels and fabrics but saved a lot of money on gold.


Ivan: My favorite visual artist is Yves Klein because I love his blue. 



Sasha: I wear this fragrance montale ginger musk Ivan: but I love smelling this fragrance on someone else anything with amber.

Thanks for letting me interview your closet Sasha and Ivan.  I’m glad I got to know you better too.  Now would you mind if I borrowed the tan coat (look number 17) from your F/W collection?