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Let's go inside some of the industry's greatest closets off the runway and off camera.  Everything on this site is handpainted by the author. Follow me on Instagram @theclosetinterview and @annthaden.

Jacobo Solís

Jacobo Solís

Today I’m meeting Jacobo Solís in Milan.  Jacobo is a model and film writer from Seville.  I discovered him because of my friend and fellow Closet Interview Alum Cristiano Gerardi.  Looking forward to catching up again in Milan when The Closet Interview heads to Men's Fashion Week!  Jacobo and his identical twin brother  Nicolás have an ever stylish yet hilarious jetsetting Instagram feed.  Follow them @jacosolis and @nicosolis!

Hello, It’s Ann.  It’s great to see you Jacobo.  Can I interview your closet? Yes.

What’s your favorite T-Shirt? Where and why did you buy it?  It’s a multi-color oversized tie-dye tshirt I got in some vintage market. I was immediately drawn to it because it has so much color.

Are you a sweater person or a sweatshirt person?  Sweatshirt, hoodie!

What did you wear on your last date?  I wore a high waist black trouser with an oversized white shirt unbuttoned to my chest, tucked into the trousers. With my Marni shoes, looked quite elegant/cool.



marni shoes

How did the date go? What did you do?  It was awful. We had a few drinks but he ended up being an “LGTBI for Trump” and I simply couldn’t go on with the date.

What do you like to drink while getting ready for a night out?  I drink gin normally, so gin and tonics or gin and lemonade.

gin and tonic

What music do you listen to while getting ready for a night out?  Normally is up to whoever is with me, I don’t like being the DJ, but if I had to choose them probably Sia or Gaga.

Where was the last place you traveled to? I was in Madrid a couple of weeks ago to visit friends.

What was the most important thing you packed?  My black jean dungarees, I love them so much.

Marcelo Burlon County of Milan

What was the most non-essential thing you shouldn’t have packed but packed anyway?  I don’t think I regret packing anything of what I packed, but I only used my Winnie-The-Pooh backpack once, so I could have probably saved some space not bringing it with me.

What rules if any did you have about getting dressed when you were young?  I didn’t have any rules but I did hate wearing tracksuit to PE class in school… I wonder why ‘cause I can’t take off my Adidas tracksuit now.

What is the first item of clothing you bought with your own money?  No idea. Must have been something I didn’t even wear once… But I have just bought a Thom Browne suit and I feel like it’s the first big and important purchase of my life.

Thom Browne Sportscoat

Do you feel the investment has been worthwhile?  It better be hahaha.

What is your favorite fashion bargain? How much do you wear it?  I have a 3€ fanny pack I wear every day. It’s perfect to keep my wallet, phone and keys save in one place and I wear it cross my chest.

gucci belt bag

Who was your style icon as a youngster?  Ugh… I didn’t even have a style back then…

Who is one of your style icons now?  No one specifically, I follow people on Instagram and that’s where I see what I like, what I don’t, how I could wear this or that…

What do you wear when you work out?  I’m a swimmer so just an Adidas slip swimsuit, but I cycle to the swimming pool in my Adidas tracksuit always.

adidas swimsuit

What shoes do you wear when the weather is bad?  Doc Martens boots, of course.

What shoes do you wear when you want to show off?  Depends on the situation. Nike Air Max 95 trainers for casual and Marni boots or my Pollini shoes if it’s more formal.

What do you wish you had in your closet but don’t have?  Balenciaga!!!!!!!

What do you have in your closet that you should throw away but still haven’t? Too many vintage Lacoste sweaters that I’ll sell in a flea market eventually.

What’s in your closet that you inherited from another person and still like to wear?  I’ve got so many things from mom and dad… my favorite are the winter coats with shoulder pads.

What is the best piece of clothing or accessory that someone else bought for you?  My mom bought me my favorite shorts, they’re from school uniform when I was a kid. Still wear them every summer.

What piece(s) of jewelry do you wear everyday? I have a silver necklace with a Onyx stone that a gypsy in Spain gave me, I even sleep with it.

l'imperatrice by Dolce and Gabbana

Do you wear a fragrance?  Yes, my favorite is a womens one, L’Emperatrice D&G

Thanks for letting me interview your closet Jacobo.  I’m glad I got to know you better too.  Now would you mind if I borrowed your fanny pack? 

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