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House of Olivia Anthony

House of Olivia Anthony

Today I'm meeting Olivia of House of Olivia Anthony and Liv Streetwear in Williamsburg who just launched her SS18 Collection during New York Mens Fashion Week.  Having grown up as a dancer it's no surprise that her clothes are so expertly designed for movement and of course to stand out! Take note because MoMo, Raven Symone and Ziggy Mack Johnson are just a few people who love her clothes as well as Lady Gunn, Nylon, Vogue Japan and Teen Vogue! Follow her @livstreetwear and @houseofolivianathony and check out more of her work here.

What’s your favorite coat or jacket and why did you buy it?  My favorite jacket is the Junk Jacket I made from my first collection, there is a lot of character in it and its very full and daring. we’ve had Raven-Symone wear it and a lot of my first magazine features like Vogue amongst other. Its very special to me it holds place in my heart.

Photo Courtesy of The Know It Alls NYC @theknowitallsnyc

Photo Courtesy of The Know It Alls NYC @theknowitallsnyc

Are you a Morning or Night person/and what do you wear early in the morning or late at night?  I am definitely a morning person, my friend’s hate me because I will call them at 8am with a whole story, I call everyone early. My P.R especially hates early call’s. I’m really just an early bird what can say.   As to what do I wear? I love to wear I little nightgowns, robes and cute little things that make me feel really girly, well you know I’m preparing for my Future Husband so I try to wear good night to morning clothes.


checkered vans

What did you wear the last time you went to Dinner?  The last time I went out dinner was last night and Honestly my outfit wasn’t all that cute, I wore some gym shorts, my LIV Sports Bra, some slides and a “Vote for Hillary Clinton” hat. The time before then I went to sushi, I wore a black tank top, black shorts and my checkered Vans keeping it really cute and simple.

 Where did you go and what did you order?  Last night I went to Williamsburg and I ate a burger that was so good, I definitely recommend it, it was like egg burger. For sushi I ordered a spicy Tuna crunch roll and the spicy Salmon crunch roll, they were both so good and I topped it off with some miso soup.

Liv Streetwear Sportsbra

What's your favorite beverage of choice?  I love Orange Juice, Sprite and Water.  I also like Rum and Coke for the after hours, and Pinot Grigio those are also some of my favorites.

What Music do you like to Dance too?  I love all types of music, I was a Dancer growing up so I will literally dance to anything, It could be country (because I'm from Alabama) Alternative, Hip Hop, Jazz Music, Classical music you name it. I'm a really well rounded person I can pretty much dance to anything.

Where was the last place you traveled?  I was just in LA not too long ago.


Photo courtesy of Liv Streetwear @livstreetwear

Photo courtesy of Liv Streetwear @livstreetwear

What Souvenirs did you buy?  I bought this vintage Green Suede blazer that I have not yet worn.

Which one my family members have a great sense of style and How would you describe them?  My whole family is amazing when it come out of fashion and style but my Mom is on a whole other level, she taught me everything I Know because her and literally we wear the same things. I can go In her closet pick out an fly out fit at any given moment.

What is something one of your friends has in their closet that you want to borrow and never return?  Oh my god!!!  My friend Brittany has these Balenciaga booties that literally are a perfect match’s the with the Green Suede Blazer I bought in LA, that will be a moment and I would probably never return them.

House of Olivia Anthony Dress

 Who would Star as you in a movie about your life and what would they wear?  I will get Ryan Destiny from the show Star to play me or maybe some other options that could play the role because we slightly resemble are Kelly Rowland or Lauryn Hill, they are a little older so I guess I will go with Ryan. As for what would she wear House of Olivia Head to toe of course, she has a versatile style and I think she’d look fantastic in my LIV STREETWEAR Pieces.

Fill in the Blanks!

 I should throw away at least away half of the items in my closet because I never wear them, I never actually have the time to actually getting around to doing so though.

 I’ve spent too much money on  probably my shoes, for example my Louboutin’s. But I always try to save and not shop that much, I’m actually getting really good at saving money in general.

Louboutin shoes

I would love to attend  Paris Fashion Week and sit in the front row of the Chanel Show

I wear this Fragrance I wear Rihanna’s “Reb’l” a lot or Viktor & Rolf fragrances but I love the smell of this fragrance “Alien” by Thierry Mugler on someone else.

Thanks for letting me interview your closet Olivia.  I’m glad I got to know you better too.  Now would you mind if I borrowed your Junk Jacket? 

1990's Jacket by Liv Streetwear
Runway Renee

Runway Renee

Aram Gerits

Aram Gerits