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Let's go inside some of the industry's greatest closets off the runway and off camera.  Everything on this site is handpainted by the author. Follow me on Instagram @theclosetinterview and @annthaden.

Emile Woon

Emile Woon

Today I’m meeting Emile Woon in Seoul where he's traveled for work.  Emile is a model for Major Models New York and Folio Montreal.  Emile has amazing off duty style not to mention such a chill person and a delight to talk to! Follow him @woonoow

 Hello, It’s Ann. It’s great to see you. Can I interview your closet?

What’s your favorite T-Shirt? Where and why did you buy it?  My favorite t-shirt is my friends and family tee from St-Dié, which was given to a select few from the designer's entourage. "This t-shirt has not been designed for sale. Only wearable by friends, family and inspirations." It was available in a bunch of colors: I went with red.


St-Die t-shirt

Are you a sweater person or a sweatshirt person?   I couldn't tell the difference, but following a quick google search, I would say sweatshirt.

What did you wear on your last date?  My girlfriend has been buying vintage clothes with resale in mind for years and her housemate is a stylist. So they have all these racks of clothes in the living room, I don't remember exactly what I wore but we both had fun dressing each other up from the racks before leaving the house.

How did the date go? What did you do?  We went to an Italian restaurant, got drunk, smoked a joint; good times before my departure to Seoul.

What do you like to drink while getting ready for a night out?  Black coffee, I feel tired every time I have to go out somewhere. Otherwise I enjoy a 1664 beer in the glass bottle.

What music do you listen to while getting ready for a night out?  Mr. Me Too by The Clipse ft. Pharrell.

Where was the last place you traveled to?  Aside from Seoul, which I went for modeling, my girlfriend and I took a vacation in Thailand for a month right before Christmas 2015. Beautiful trip, we did it backpacking and we were surprised how easy it was to get around. That allowed us to be spontaneous and do what we really felt like doing everyday, even if that would be taking a flight from the North of the country to the South.

givenchy backpack

What was the most important thing you packed? All-In Eyewear sunglasses

What was the most non-essential thing you shouldn’t have packed but packed anyway?  Since we were backpacking we really kept packing to a minimum, nothing was really unnecessary. Though we did bring some Kinder chocolate and lost our appetite because of jetlag, so after the first few days it just all melted.

What rules if any did you have about getting dressed when you were young?  When I was a child I remember being really attached to my garments and refused to give them away for new clothes without throwing a fit. I would have my mom patch up my ripped pants and would hide the holes in my soles so she wouldn't get rid of my dirty old shoes. So my rule was: keep my clothes as long as possible.

What is the first item of clothing you bought with your own money?  Probably some crap from H&M, even though I never go there anymore I'll always have a little place in my heart for H&M since it's where I started developing my sense of style.

What is the biggest splurge or investment piece you purchased?  A camo Lacoste Live! parka when I was 17.

Do you feel the investment has been worthwhile?  I still have it in good condition but no, I thrift shop a lot now and just cringe thinking back how much I spent on it.

What is your favorite fashion bargain? How much do you wear it?  A Guess Sports hockey jersey, I wore it a lot because I'm not that creative when it comes to outfits. Whenever I get a cool piece I only want to wear THAT for the whole week.

Who was your style icon as a youngster?  Skaters from CCS.com

Who is one of your style icons now?  @m9chael

What do you wear when you work out?  I do push-ups and leg raises in my underwear.

What do you wear to the grocery store?  Lots of layers under a wool pullover which I top with a beanie, because it's cold in Seoul and I have to walk 15 minutes to get there.

What shoes do you wear when the weather is bad? White low AF1 beaters.

What shoes do you wear when you want to show off?  My rotation has no standout "show off" shoe, but I'm really fond of my triple black Air Max 95's.

Nike Air max 95s

What do you wish you had in your closet but don’t have? A yellow down puffy winter jacket.

What do you have in your closet that you should throw away but still haven’t? Underwear with holes.

What’s in your closet that you inherited from another person and still like to wear?  A striped black and white loose wool shirt that I stole from my friend Gabriel 2 years ago. He doesn't care but I definitely owe him a shirt since I wore his so much.

What is the best piece of clothing or accessory that someone else bought for you?  Brand WRKDEPT gave me a beautiful reversible bomber jacket. They had issues printing on it and ended up sewing patches everywhere to compensate, making it one if a kind. I will keep it forever.


WRKdept jacket

What piece(s) of jewelry do you wear everyday?  No! but I want rings and necklaces so bad. I really wanted to leave with some SS17 Balenciaga rings I had to wear for a presentation but I would never do that, plus it would've been too much bad karma.

Do you wear a fragrance? Either Bleu or Edition Blanche both from Chanel and both presents from my grandma.

Thanks for letting me interview your closet Emile. I’m glad I got to know you better too. Now would you mind if I borrowed your WRKdept jacket?

The Closet Interview is on Spring Break in Europe!

The Closet Interview is on Spring Break in Europe!

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