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Drew D'Angelo

Drew D'Angelo

Today I'm meeting Drew D'Angelo in Newport Beach.  Drew is star of Bravo's Real Estate Wars on Team McMonigle.  While being the most stylish person on the show with phenomenal success as a real estate agent, Drew is most proud of being a father to his three children.   His happiness stems from his dedication to his wife and family who also share an interest in fashion!  If you haven't had time to catch the show make sure to see it on demand and notice how Drew's hair and styling are perfect in each episode! Learn his tricks of the trade here and be sure to follow him @drewdangelo

Hello, It’s Ann.  It’s great to see you Drew.  Can I interview your closet? Be my guest!

Newport Beach

First we need to talk hair Drew! Your haircut is amazing and sets you apart from all of the agents on Real Estate Wars. Who is your hairstylist and what are some of your favorite products?  First of all, thank you for the compliment it's greatly appreciated and I am glad to hear you feel that way.  My hair stylist is "Jude" who owns a salon called "Hair Jude".  Some of the products I use are as follows and this is the "secret sauce" I use Reuzel hair tonic as a base, Crew Salons "Boost Powder" only after drying my hair and then finally I use Crew Salons Grooming Cream with high shine so it accentuates my salt and pepper. 


In my opinion, your style is much edgier than the typical Orange County real estate agent.  What are some of your go-to stores for finding the best fashion forward pieces in your wardrobe?  Again I am super flattered by your compliment and again something I take great joy in is fashion. I get most of my clothes at stores like Bloomingdales (I love their sales) or Neiman Marcus, Hugo Boss, Nordstrom, James Pearse, and Gucci.  I also have a majority of my suits and sport coats custom made by b.spoke in Costa Mesa.  Dave Welch (The CEO) and I have a great relationship whereby he gets my style, my body type and is a master at what he does.


I heard that you have three kiddos. Have they inherited your style gene? If so, where do you go to shop with them?  I do have three kids, along with my wife they are everything to me.  My daughter has her own style right now and I am loving it!  My son is my surfer kid who throws in some good style when he tries and my little guy Caleb well, it’s fun because we get to dial him in.  I have been loving Zara for kids lately for them as their style comes into their own and for my little guy it's Target, Nordstrom or Zara too. 

Paige Lennox Skinny Fit Jeans in Ewan  available here. 

Paige Lennox Skinny Fit Jeans in Ewan available here. 

Do you prefer television or movies? Which movies or shows, if any, has inspired your style?  Another great question! I watch a lot of news these days and for movies my family and I watch from our Fire TV Stick. The magazine I read is GQ, the style magazine. I read the magazine quite often and gain insights from it as well. Honestly my style comes from walking around the mall and seeing the various stores, also what the stylists are putting on the mannequins. I love seeing simplicity, not trendy things, something that can be dressed up and down or layered. I am best described as a guy who loves Ralph Lauren but with a rock star twist and flare.


What did you wear the last time you went out?  Well to dinner, I last wore my Paige Lennox cut that were tailored to be even skinnier with a grey James Perse V-neck cotton heather grey T-shirt with my black Theory bomber (Nylon) tailored from the back, so it doesn't bulk out and my black leather Converse Jack Purcells with a soft white edge not white (limited editions) with cork inserts. 

Theory Bomber Jacket  available here.  

Theory Bomber Jacket available here. 

Where did you go and what did you order?  I love Mexican food and we had family over, so on a Tuesday we went to our spot called Mi Casa in Costa Mesa. I ordered taquitos and some $1.50 fish (grilled tacos) with one Al Pastor taco (street tacos) with iced tea and perhaps may have eaten a whole tub of chips lol.


What song keeps showing up the most on your playlist?  Justin Timberlake " Can't Stop The Feeling", Post Malone "Rockstar" ft. 21 Savage, Post Malone "Congratulations" (non explicit for these) Khalid, Young, dumb and broke as well as anything from Hillsong Church as I listen to a lot of praise and worship music too.

If you could go on a $5,000 shopping spree anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you buy?  I would meet my guy Dave Welch from b.spoke in Italy at the factories and have him make me some items.



Who is the most interesting person you follow on Instagram?  Everyone I follow is the most interesting person to me. There is not one person I find myself looking at more than others. 

What is something one of your friends has in their closet that you want to borrow and never return?  Nothing, I have the best closet of all my bros!!!

Gucci Web Loafers  available here.

Gucci Web Loafers available here.

Who would star as you in a movie about your life and most importantly, what would they wear?  Leonardo DiCaprio, Gucci loafers with a great pair of jeans, a crisp white shirt and a very well fitted blazer with pocket square also flower lapel additionally anything made by B. Spoke.

Fill in the blanks regarding your closet!

I should throw away this pair of shoes but I could never part with them.

I spent too much money on shoes but saved a lot of money on tailoring.


I would love to attend New York Fashion Week or Pitti Uomo and see this Designer Tom Ford.


I wear this fragrance Aventus by Creed but I love smelling this fragrance on someone else my wife's Creed vanilla.

Drew D'Angelo with The McMonigle Team at the Bravo Premiere of Real Estate Wars. 

Drew D'Angelo with The McMonigle Team at the Bravo Premiere of Real Estate Wars. 

Thanks for letting me interview your closet Drew.  I’m glad I got to know you better too.  Now would you mind if I borrowed your Theory bomber jacket? 

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Callum Leach

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