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Callum Leach

Callum Leach

Today I’m meeting Callum Leach in F Mondays in Brixton.  Callum is a professional figure skater and singer who’s appeared on the X factor.   I discovered Callum skating on the runway for Band of Outsiders FW18 collection during London Fashion Week.  Follow him @callumleach.
Hello, It’s Ann.  It’s great to see you.  Can I interview your closet?

Hi Ann! Of course, it’s great to see you too. Thanks for having me!


Tell me about your casting experience with Band of Outsiders.   From my research it appears that they only cast some of the best figure and hockey skaters in London!  How were you discovered? Did they have tryouts for the show?  I was contacted by one of my fellow skating friends, who works at the Somerset House Ice Rink which was the venue for the show. Band of Outsiders contacted the staff looking for tall men who either skated in hockey or figure skates at a high standard. I was one of five men wearing figure skates and the other seventeen wore ice hockey skates.  I did not have any try outs or rehearsals as I left London to be with my family in Newcastle over Christmas whilst they were casting and producing the show. However, I informed them about my professional skating background and I am so thankful that they put their trust in me to learn the performance on the day of the show. The show was so much fun and everybody backstage was so lovely and welcoming. I felt like a star getting my hair and make up topped up every five minutes and then getting fitted into the coolest designer clothes. I have dabbled in modeling about 4 years ago in Milan, so it was a great feeling to get back out there in front of the cameras again.

Callum's Edea ice skates with Phantom parabolic blades.

Callum's Edea ice skates with Phantom parabolic blades.

How was skating on the runway for London Men’s Fashion Week different from some of your other jobs as a professional figure skater?
I felt that I had a lot more freedom in the London Men’s Fashion Week show as we were given a solo section to make our own way downstage whilst doing whatever we like. In my past experiences over the years with ice shows we are given a choreographed sequence to perform in a synchronized fashion to music. The relaxed approach that Band of Outsiders gave us really helped me let myself go in the performance and feel no pressure.  I improvised my section on the spot and somehow ended up performing a spin with my leg next to my head without realizing how restricted the trousers were until doing so. I am just so grateful to the Gods above that the trousers did not split down the middle whilst performing this spin and thankfully I did not reveal a bit more than I intended on showing that evening.


I was very worried when I saw that none of the model/skaters had gloves when they appeared outside at the Somerset House.  Was everyone freezing? I hope they had some hot cocoa for all of you after the show!  It was very cold! I was very jealous of one of the models who got to wear a huge white fur jacket, not only because it made him look like a cross between J Lo and a P.I.M.P, but it must have kept him so warm throughout the show. On the other hand, I did love my jacket, but I only wore a T shirt underneath, so I did feel the cold more than others. Another reason for being so freezing was because we obviously performed outdoors opposed to being in an indoor venue. We also had to stand still for the opening pose for a good couple of minutes and however easy it may have looked from an audience perspective it was very difficult to disguise my shivering body from shaking due to the plummeting temperatures. It was also quite windy which was a shame because the hair and makeup team styled my hair which was done so on point and I could feel it flapping all over the place. Despite this it did not tarnish the experience as I am quite used to the cold from being a figure skater for fifteen years. I also am from Newcastle where it is known for always freezing and still no one decides to wear a coat.


Barena Venezia Wool- Blend Fingerless mittens available at  Barneys New York .

Barena Venezia Wool- Blend Fingerless mittens available at Barneys New York.

How did it feel to see yourself on Vogue.com?  I could not believe it! When the show finished one of the members of the team backstage told me to check out the photos on Vogue tomorrow and I laughed in his face presuming he was joking. It was one of the coolest things that has happened to me and it left me with no choice but to post it on Instagram for all my friends and family to see.

Callum's appearance on the U.K.'s X Factor

Callum's appearance on the U.K.'s X Factor

Not only have you been a big part of London Fashion Week this season, I see that you’ve also appeared on the X Factor.  I loved your hair and denim coat for that appearance by the way!  How do you cope with such intense competition?  Thank you so much! The denim Jacket is vintage Levis that I bought from a thrift store last year when I was in Tokyo, Japan. I also preferred my hair back then and I am in the process of progressively trying to get it back that light again without it all falling out.  I did not feel that much pressure whilst on the X factor and I had so much fun during the recording process. I loved getting the chance to sing in front of people and found it hilarious when I kept showing up on T.V every weekend throughout the audition process.


Band of Outsiders shark sweater available  here.

Band of Outsiders shark sweater available here.

The Closet Interview loves your style Callum.  What’s your favorite shirt and where did you find it?  Thank you so much! I recently bought a red velour shirt to wear for a Christmas night out and throughout the night I received many compliments for it. Unfortunately, the buttons were designed quite small and did not fit in the holes, so it kept coming undone every few minutes which was a bit of a pain. The shirt was from ASOS and sadly for me I am pretty sure it is in the January sale section now.

What is your spirit animal?  Probably a Lion because they are fierce, loyal and wise. I went on a safari in South Africa a few years ago and I had the chance to walk with Lions which was such an amazing yet terrifying experience.



What did you wear the last time you went out to dinner?  I wore a dark grey short sleeved silk shirt with black skinny jeans and my All Saint’s boots.


Zara men's slim fit black jeans available  here.

Zara men's slim fit black jeans available here.

Where did you go and what did you order?  I went to a Korean restaurant in Central London near Soho. I had bibimbap and plum wine. It was delicious!

What is your favorite beverage of choice?  Right now I love Old Jamaica Cream Soda for a soft drink and my favorite alcoholic beverage would have to be a Margarita. 


What song will you never delete from your playlist?  This is such a hard question. It is going to have to be either Crazy in Love by Beyoncé or Touch by Little Mix.

Do you believe in astrology? If so what’s your sign and which characteristics are important parts of your personality?  I read my star sign from the metro newspaper from time to time whilst travelling on the bus or the tube. Most of the time I can find a way to relate it to my life, but I am not very passionate about it. I am a cancer and I hear they are known for being imaginative and trusting which is quite an accurate representation of who I am.

If you could go in a time machine, where and when would you travel to?
I would go back to the 1960’s in America and experience Motown at its peak. I am obsessed with Motown music!



What would you wear on this time machine adventure?  I would wear today’s fashion to stand out. I would be intrigued to see what type of reaction I would get. 
What are your favorite websites/blogs?  I mostly use only YouTube just to play music whilst getting ready.
If you were a car what would you be?  A vintage Mustang.


If you could invite anyone in the world for a coffee who would you invite and why?  Beyoncé because she is just perfection. I would just stare at her face for about an hour and then I would sing sweet harmonies with her. I would go to somewhere like Wetherspoons because they have free refillable coffee meaning that I could just spend the whole day with her whilst we reminisce about life on a caffeine high. What else could one want out of life?

Fill in the blanks regarding your closet!
The last thing I bought on vacation was a straw hat when I traveled to Spain.



I spent too much money on clothes but saved a lot of money on not having children.
I would love to wear speedos and appear in Men’s Health.
I wear Spice Bomb, but I love smelling Victoria Secret on some of my girlfriends. 


Thanks for letting me interview your closet Callum.  I’m glad I got to know you better too.  Now would you mind if I borrowed your ice skates?  I used to be a varsity Ice Hockey player and know how to figure skate.  I'll see if I can remember how to do a sit spin and a toe-loop!

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