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Let's go inside some of the industry's greatest closets off the runway and off camera.  Everything on this site is handpainted by the author. Follow me on Instagram @theclosetinterview and @annthaden.

The Dandy of New York

The Dandy of New York

Today I’m meeting The Dandy of New York (Patrick McDonald) in the East Village.  Part of the Studio 54 set, Patrick has changed the definition of glamour and styling of menswear and streetstyle in New York.  Bill Cunningham has captured his bold ensembles a few times over in the New York Times and Patrick appears in his documentary.  He explains ““I live my life in pursuit of beauty. The art of dressing up. I’m a blank canvas when I wake up in the morning and use my clothes as paint.” It is no surprise then that The Dandy of New York continues to inspire us since dressing up is artistic expression!  Follow him @dandyofnewyork. 


Hello, It’s Ann.  It’s great to see you.  Can I interview your closet? Yes.

What’s your favorite shirt? Where and why did you buy it? A white pique dress shirt.  Paris, and it's a staple in my dandy wardrobe.

What did you wear on your last girl’s night or guy’s night out? A vintage 1920's Kimono I bought in San Francisco.  I wore it with a black Paul Smith suit, Pierre Hardy shoes and Rod Keanan Fedora.


Paul Smith suit

What did you do together?  Linda Fargo's Gray Gardens themed Birthday Bash!

What drink do you like to order on a night out?  A Shirley Temple with a cherry!  I do not drink alcohol.

What music do you enjoy on a night out? Disco of course.  I am a product of Studio 54!

Shirley Temple

Where do you want to travel to next? Paris!  Always!

What essentials would you pack for the trip? A leopard printed raincoat and matching bag by Dries Van Noten.

What did you wear to school when you were young?  Bell bottoms and platforms!  It was the 70's!

What is the coolest thing you wore in college?  Electric blue metallic platform shoes!

What is the biggest splurge or investment piece you purchased?  YSL Purple mohair coat in Paris!  Divine!

Do you feel the investment has been worthwhile? Yes!  I was in The New York Times in Bill Cunningham's, On The Street in The Sunday Styles wearing it!

What is your favorite fashion bargain? How much do you wear it?  My vintage kimono's whenever I get a chance!

What do you wear when you work out? I never work out!  Shopping is my workout!

What do you wear to the grocery store?  Sunglasses.

Christian Louboutin Dandylove Venetian Velvet Loafers

What shoes do you wear in the rain?  Patent leather double buckle.

What shoes do you wear for a party? Evening slippers in velvet.

What do you wish you had in your closet but don’t have? I have everything I need and want.

Which celebrity’s closet would you raid? None!  Most celebrities don't have their own style, they are dressed by stylists.

What did you last give away in your closet and who did you give it to? A denim Jean-Paul Castelbajac long coat to my dear friend Gazelle.

What is the best piece of clothing or accessory that someone else bought for you? A vintage Hermes Scarf from my twin brother Michael.

Dandy of New York, Hat

What’s your favorite accessory? My Hats!

Do you wear a fragrance? Le Dandy by D'orsay.

What closet essentials should everyone have? Wood hangers.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to reinvent their look/wardrobe? Be yourself.  Don't be afraid to express yourself and leave an impression on who you are to others.  It's your signature in life!

Le Dandy D'Orsay

Thanks for letting me interview your closet, Dandy of New York.  I’m glad I got to know you better too.  Now would you mind if I borrowed your Dries Van Noten Leopard print coat? 



Alix-Rose Cowie

Alix-Rose Cowie